Saturday, October 9, 2010

CMMI is indeed a waste of time

You heard it here first.

The article reminds me of folks who define a physical fitness goal in terms of their weight.  The weight is the same thing as a CMMI rating.  They are not sure how they are going to get to that weight, or why, or even if it is a good idea really – but dagblamit, they need to lose 30 pounds.

Instead of focusing on business goals, or in this analogy, their fitness, they focus on a rating or their weight.

Neither is successful.  We know that weight loss programs almost invariably have their participants bounce back on their pre diet weights, unless they are focused on a broader health and fitness initiative.  My observation is that those who focus on CMMI ratings may also achieve those ratings, but also bounce back to their pre CMMI initiative behavior.

Which all is to say – you have to do things for the right reasons or you won’t do them.

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